~ Carlotta Leoni

Graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, specialized in artistic print, she devoted herself to the restoration and teaching of graphic-pictorial disciplines.

In 2007 she obtained the chair of Graphic Disciplines, she currently teaches at the Artistic high school of Tivoli, city where she lives with her family.
In 1997, in Rome, she founded with others artist friends her first laboratory in via Galla Placidia 194. Here she set up an area for art printing where she continued her research.

From 2018 she opened the GALLA space with other artists, attracted by the idea of presenting her studies and her works in a direct way.
She has always dedicated herself to the study of pictorial and calcographic techniques, preparing recipes for color and stuccos in the search for alternative materials for all stages of engraving by adapting matrices, tools, inks and supports to her idea of sign and color.

In her way of working, painting and engraving alternate, pushing each other towards an improbable fusion, with the intention of altering the plane on which the pictorial material and the matrix meets.