~ Gio Pistone

Born in Rome, Gio Pistone threw herself in painting murals at a young age, from the walls of her room to those of her mother’s office. Her subjects of choice, typically fantastical creatures bordering on monsters, are characterized by strong colors that also presented themselves in her nightmares. Drawing them the morning after was the idea of her mother, then a psychology student, and soon the nightmares during into the visions that she continues to draw.

She worked as a set designer in theater, where she continued to research her dreams and her love for large-scale work. Following this experience, she worked and traveled with “La syndrome del topo,” a group of creative game designers, who conceived and designed games and labyrinths. She began working in the street in ’98, pasting posters of her photocopied posters on the streets of Rome.

Now she still works as an artist in different directions from Muralism to Installations, from Sculpture to Paintings and almost always has fun.