~ Ombretta Gamberale

Ombretta Gamberale, graduated in literature and philosophy with specialization in history of theater at Rome University La Sapienza and has been working in theatre for many years. Her artistic research begins with the body, and investigates its relationship with the objective and performative space, but the measure and gesture which organise the performers’ geometrical and physical presence translated into graphic signs. Signs and thread like lines act as proper pillars of this language.
A graphic sign such as the line is the emblem of an abstract and intuitive representation of reality, as well as being the essence of the surface. She uses several techniques such as ink drawing, engraving, and print. The process of abstraction comes from the need to go beyond visible reality through the identification of its crossing lines and its components, and results from time to time in the creation of different worlds.
The artist currently lives and works in Rome in the Galla Placidia ateliers with 14 other artists. Since February 2018 she has been taking part in the Galla project, a small gallery managed by nine artists, a strategic point for meeting, research and exhibitions in the Monti area.