~ Sergio Angilella

Sergio Angilella was born and raised in Rome. In 1997 he graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with honors in sculpture. The same year he took part in the Erasmus project in the city of Reykjavik in Iceland – annual European education exchange program.

For more than 20 years he has been creating portraits on commission, in pencil and clay, and figurative sculptures…In addition to his commission work, as well as scenographic projects with major TV producer, Sergio enjoys drawing everything that catches his eye, from interior of the churches that are abundant around his magnificent city, to life models, to people he encounters on the street, to his sleeping dog! In very quick strokes of the pencil, Sergio is able to capture not only contour and essence of the subject through line, but also the shapes and movement through shading, that makes his drawings very unique.

“I love to draw what I see… I can be struck by a glimpse of an object, translating on paper or clay an essence that is essentially my poetry of signs, sum of “emotional layers”, altered by visual perception. My art is an instrument in dialogue with the unconscious, in which the living figure occupies a relevant place. The portrait as a landscape of the soul, becomes a bridge between what appears and what contains man in his essence”.

Sergio teaches private and public drawing lessons, including the ones at the public library in Rome.